For By Strength Shall No Man Prevail.

A story was told of a man who found gold in a certain place. He spent all his day gathering them and decided to lodge in a hotel to pass the night. He said in his heart, “By this time tomorrow, I’ll be a wealthy man”.

While he slept off, his dog started barking non-stop. This infuriated him. He came out and said to the dog “Bingo, can’t you see that I have worked all day? I want to have my rest. By this time, tomorrow I’ll be the richest man in this city. Please do not disturb me”.
He returned to his bed. Few minutes after he dozed off, his dog started barking continuously. Oh my! He got up again enraged by his little bingo who wouldn’t let him sleep peacefully. He said to it, “Oh Bingo, I hate you. Can’t you let me rest for a while? Don’t you know I’m a millionaire? Just cooperate with me, I’ll give you a specially decorated room tomorrow. I will do everything you want. Please spare me this night”.
He went back to bed the third time. This time his bingo didn’t allow him to close his eyes. It started barking, running back and forth, and charging all over the place. Without a second thought, he woke up, took his pistol, looked at the dog with disdain, and blew off its head. He said to the dog, ” nobody dares a millionaire’s sleep and goes scot-free”.
He felt relieved and headed back to his room. Just as he was about opening the door, hoodlums intercepted him, killed him, and carted his bags of gold away.
The Bible says, “For by strength shall no man prevail”. Yes, it is good to set your goals, plan and execute them but you also need to pay loyalty to the author of life. Without Him you are nothing.
Your primary goal on earth is to serve God. Any other thing is secondary. If you are only thinking it is by your strength, intelligence, hard work, and smart work that you are in that position now, you are deceived. There is an unseen hand guiding your path whether you are good or bad. Please do not shut the door.
Give God your best and not leftovers and He will continue to guide your path.
This man in this story was so carried away with his ambition till he could not see the importance of his dog. Death struck, He lost all his fortune.

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