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Will Things Take Care Of Themselves For Your Good?

Peter and James got admission into the same institution. Peter set his goals, set daily targets, set his reading timetable and followed through, while James didn't care to do anything other than cruising around.

When it was time for exams, both of them wrote. In the end, Peter had good grades, while James narrowly escaped Fs.
While James might have had a philosophy of things taking care of themselves, Peter took care of things himself from the on-set.
James did not make any conscious decision but did not know that he had already made a decision unconsciously. The outcome of his unconscious decision came as a surprise to him, whereas Peter made a conscious decision. The outcome of his decision did not come as a surprise to him.
You have the power to take care of things and direct them. You have the power to decide and act so that your results become better than the average man.
Whenever you begin to pay less attention to the goals you have set, you have unconsciously made a decision. And this decision is going to work against you.
Remember, not paying attention to the execution of your goals will take you to an undesired destination.
Your goals will not take care of themselves when left unattended. That is why you have to make a deliberate and determined decision to go all the way to do anything legally accepted to execute your goals.
James did not set any goals not to talk of executing them. He was left to the fate of his malpractices. But his deepest desire was to graduate with good grades.
I know your inner desire is to be better, but you have to understand that your dreams will not come through on a silver platter. You have to work. Things might not take care of themselves for your good.
So, change the direction of your life by taking charge of your goals.

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