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Goals Do Not Work By Wishful Thinking.

On your bed, you start to imagine how one day you will pick 10 billion dollars mistakenly left on the ground. A broad smile fills your face.

You start thinking of how you will buy a magnificent house in Lekki, Dubai and California. You begin to imagine how you will be cruising and enjoying life with that money. You become so happy as if you are already in it. So many young people are guilty of this.
My brother, my sister, calm down. Stop daydreaming, life does not work by wishful thinking. Without work, faith is dead. Without action, your wishes won't come to pass.
According to Wikipedia, "Wishful thinking is the formation of beliefs based on what might be pleasing to imagine, rather than on evidence, rationality, or reality."
Without goal setting, planning and execution, your wishes will remain in your head forever. That dream of yours will not come to pass when you refuse to commit an act that will bring it to reality.
If you want to hit great strides, you have to pull out what you have in your head to a feasible plan. For your wishes to come true, there must be laid down strategies on how to make them a reality.
Stop burning your mental energy on things that are far from reality and rationality. Stop wasting your precious time making castles in the air. Stop that lazy habit before it kills you.
Wishful thinking should not be confused with positive thinking. The attitude that goes with each of them is different.
While a positive thinker sees the good side of everything and works towards it, a wishful thinker sits down and crosses his legs and does nothing. He never takes a step to execute whatever is in his head.
Step out and act now!

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