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Don’t Stop Until You Reach Your Goal

I've been under the weather for a couple of days now. While taking my medication, I started pondering over the reasons why most people abandon taking their drugs halfway.

I got many answers but filtered them to get the most obvious reasons why most people hardly complete their dosage.
A drug is any chemical that is capable of changing or altering your state. We don't take drugs for nothing. We take them to get better except for those who abuse them.
Many a time, we discontinue taking our medicine because we feel well. Once we feel better, we abandon the drugs and move on even though we haven't completed the dosage.
Another reason why we abandon our medication is an adverse reaction. When we get an adverse reaction, we tend to hate the drug more.
Let's switch this back to our goals.
At one point or the other, we are guilty of stopping whenever we start doing well even when we haven't reached our destination.
Once we start to do well, we begin to forget our daily dose of goals. We start thinking we've arrived meanwhile, we are not yet there.
I am not saying that you shouldn't be happy for the progress you have made, but rather telling you not to stop there. Don't abandon your goals.
If your goal was to graduate with good grades, you won't stop studying because you got good grades in your hundred level.
That feeling of doing well should give you the strength to forge ahead.
Our second reason: Most times we tend to give up on our goals because of the difficulties we face in the process. Just like adverse reactions, we are shifted from our comfort zone. We begin to develop hatred for our goals.
Yes, the adverse reaction of that drug might not make you comfortable just like the process of executing your goals won't make you comfortable, but you have to understand that nothing good comes easy. If it comes so easy, it might not last.
That goal when executed is capable of changing your state just like your medicine does.

Don't let anyone stop you from achieving your goals because they can never live your dreams. Don't stop executing your goals till you achieve them. It is those who go all the way that wins the trophy.

It would be crazy for a man who is on a race to stop halfway because his opponents are still far from him. Don't throw in the towel.

John Ukpanukpong

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