Carry A Different Perspective From The Ordinary Man.

When the children of Israel sent twelve spies to view the promised land, ten came with a report that could make one lose his nerve. Two came with a good report. Were the two reports wrong? NO!
The ten spies who came with the evil report couldn’t make it to the promised land while the two spies who came with a good report, made it. Each group and their followers got the outcome of their perspectives.
Whether you see the cup half-filled or half empty, you are correct. Any option you choose after viewing the cup is your reality.
Whether you believe you can still hold on to your goals or not, you are correct. Whichever angle you choose to look at your goals from, transforms into your reality.
If I write six on the ground and ask two persons to stand facing each other in front of what I have written and ask them to tell me what they have seen, they will definitely give me two different answers.
Perspective gives us the ability to perceive, think, judge and make decisions from different angles.
To hit your target through the goals you have set, you have to carry a different perspective from the ordinary man. The way you see, feel, perceive and judge things should be different.
This means every obstacle you face should be viewed from a positive angle.
I have seen people who did not know their onions made more impact than those who knew better in the same field. Why? They were both moved by different perspectives.
Whether you are going to complete that project or not hugely depends on the meaning you put to it, how you perceive failure and the angle you are inspired from.
I want you to look at that goal of yours from a different perspective. ” The right perspective makes the impossible possible”.

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