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I help you set compelling goals that offer lasting success.

Be Intentional, Purpose-driven And Self-disciplined About Your Goals.

Years ago, my mum and I were discussing until it went another dimension. I felt bitter about people going to the higher institution of learning and coming back completely different. Not really on the positive side, but on the negative side.

My mum didn’t want to discuss that with me, but challenged me to go and come back. She said “When you go and come back unchanged, then I’ll believe you. But for now, keep quiet”. That was how our beautiful discussion ended. That short statement lived with me throughout my days in the University.
Before I got admission into Cross River University of Technology, Calabar, I purposed in my heart not to change negatively. I was very conscious of not being carried away by promiscuity, reckless spending and laziness. A lot of people misunderstood me then, but that didn’t matter to me.
Fast forward to my graduation; I graduated with good grades, never defiled myself in anyway with any girl and never joined any cult group.


*Be intentional: Your goals won’t take care of themselves. You have to understand that it is your responsibility to always maintain them. Your goals should be well calculated, planned and deliberately executed.
*Be Purpose-driven: Being purpose-driven will help you prioritise your goals. What you want to achieve should always be in your mind. All your actions should centre on achieving your goals.
*Be Self-disciplined: Without self-discipline, accomplishing your goals will be very difficult. Self-discipline will help you to do the necessary things whether you feel like doing them or not. Not every time you will wake in good mood. But will that be a reasonable excuse in five years’ time?
Master the art of following through your goals squarely and set clear boundaries.

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