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Set Your Standards High And Keep Them High

While listening to John C. Maxwell, he made one striking statement: " set your standards high and keep them". This struck a chord with me.
During my University days, I never drove anybody who wanted to be close to me away, but unavoidably many left.
They left not because I was harsh or resentful. Those who loved partying and cruising like latter-day Casanovas couldn't fit in. Those who felt the campus was a palace for enjoyment rather than studies, did not see any reason to be around me.
My reading habit made many uncomfortable. I wasn't ready to join the bandwagon. I aligned my priorities to my goals leaving no space for any superfluous lifestyle.
Before I gained admission into the university, I set my standards and promised to stay focused on them.
It is a good thing to set standards, but do you keep them?
People will respect you when they know you are accountable for your standards.
They may not like the standards you have set, but they will always consult you whenever there are conflicting issues in the area you raised your standards. Whether they liked me or not, at some point they still came back to me to put them through in areas where they were deficient.
People have expectations, never disappoint them. Do not give less than what they think of you. Always serve it fresh. When you serve it fresh every time, your influence goes up.
Remember it is impossible as leaders to achieve success when we set high expectations for others and set low expectations for ourselves. If you can't keep your standards, what makes you think others will? You have to be the one to lead. And this comes by being accountable for your high standards.
Raising your standards can help you connect with the right kind of people that you need to grow and prosper in your area of interest. Many left, but I got many good friends that kept me inspired throughout my studies.
A lot of times people are paralyzed by the bandwagon effect. Don't let that be you. Set your standards and keep them.
The quality of your leadership will reflect on the standards you set for yourself and how accountable you are to them.

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