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Life Is Not A Straight Line.

I remember when I was writing WAEC the first time, I felt like my success was going to remain linear until I hit rock bottom.

Then, I envisaged how I'll be out of tertiary institution at age 21. The thoughts of this put so many smiles on my face.
Did it actually happen that way? No! I had all my papers, but Mathematics. For five years extra, I was struggling to pass Mathematics.
My ideal self envisages completing my undergraduate studies at 21, but in reality, I gained admission into the University at 20.
Life is not about moving from point A to B in a straight line. It has so many highs and lows, curves and branches.
Life is like a Foreign exchange market. Sometimes it looks predictable but all of a sudden it goes down and comes up and curves around.
Life is like climbing a mountain. Nobody climbs a mountain through a straight path.
Life is like the ECG chart. It's never a straight line. A straight line in the ECG chart shows you are dead. This means the ups and downs in life help us to go through it successfully.
Life is like playing football. The goal is to score and win the trophy. But you must dribble your opponent and make relevant passes to score a goal. Remember your opponent will never give you the chance of running with the ball through a straight line.
You have to know this else you will constantly focus on your disappointments. Know this and know peace.
Soren Kierkegaard once said, "Life can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forwards". If we look back, we can perfectly understand how our lives went. That is why oftentimes we regret the things we didn't do. We no longer live there. We are here now. Let us prepare ourselves now by leveraging our past experiences to forge ahead.
We have to learn to be patient, persistent and focused. If it doesn't happen today, we will still try again tomorrow. If it doesn't happen tomorrow, we will learn more and keep pressing on.
There is a principle that says "what you sow is what you reap". Sometimes we don't reap what we sow because of the storms of life. Sometimes we plant and a sudden flood sweeps every grain to the river. Should we stop sowing because of the flood? No!
I know you deserve better, but placing yourself on your unrealistic ideal self scale is a dangerous path to tread on.
It is not a bad thing to dream big, but we need to add patience to our expectations.
A Straight line is the shortest distance in mathematics, but they rarely happen in reality.
If things continue to go smoothly, we will never have value for them.
Our curves in life teach us the essence of value.
Be encouraged!

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