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How To Bridge The Gap Between Old People And Young People

There was a day my aunt and I decided to stroll down the street. In my usual manner as a young man, I loved to cross the road smartly so that I don’t keep standing on the road looking left and right like a stranded sheep.

But this day was different. Before I could make any smart move, my aunt held my hands indicating I needed to wait. She was the one now in charge of looking left and right before we crossed. She wasn’t in a hurry, but I seemed to be too hasty.
If there is any big gap I have ever noticed between young people and an aged people is the area of mindset. As young people, we don’t mind going around cycles over and over, because we have enormous strength but for the older ones, they know where they are going to, what they are doing and how they are going to go about it, so their mindsets are temperate.
The funny thing here is that most young people dislike instructions from older people. They want to live their lives without any form of interference from old people not knowing they are more at the disadvantage side.
One way I have been lucky is hanging around older people to learn and see their perspectives on life. Many of these old people once behaved like every other young person until things began to open up for them, but they are now old, with no strength to carry on.
So as a young person, it will do you so much good to keep company with some old people whom you know can help you in this life’s journey. You don’t have to go round the cycles repeatedly as they did. All you need to do is learn from their experiences and shorten your curves.
According to Merriam Webster Dictionary, being temperate means:
"Marked by moderation: such as
a: keeping or held within limits: not extreme or excessive: MILD
b: moderate in indulgence of appetite or desire
c: moderate in the use of alcoholic beverages
d: marked by an absence or avoidance of extravagance, violence, or extreme partisanship
Hanging around older people can help to give you a sense of direction on how to channel the fire that you carry.

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