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How Do You Do Self Adjustments In Your Everyday Life?

It was an adventure for me to adjust from my single lifestyle to my married lifestyle, but it was necessary for the growth of my marriage.
For instance, on several occasions, I made mistakes in calling my wife my fiancee. This wasn't intentional. My wife had to lovingly remind me that she was no longer my fiancee, but my legally married wife.
Whenever we cross over to a new year, we often will erroneously write the previous year when writing dates, because the change happened within 24 hours.
A hen that has been tied for a long time will still have the feeling of being tied even after it has been untied.
All these are natural phenomena. Don't kill yourself over them. But my question for you is: Are you ready to adjust?
You didn't get a job when you graduated so you started some street business. You learned so many street languages to thrive in that environment. Now that you have a white-collar job, are you ready to adjust?
When you were in University, you read so hard to pass. Now that you have graduated, are you ready to adjust to facing reality with all amount of zealousness?
You are naturally an introvert but your job demands meeting new people, going out and speaking in public. You know you can do a certain task very well, but you keep holding back because you're an introvert. You know if your introverted nature disappears for just a day, you will do great things. But Your introverted nature is not allowing you to reach your desired goals. Are you ready to adjust?
You won't grow as expected if you refuse to adjust to situations. The human system is naturally configured to resist unfamiliar paths. That is why being intentional is the number one factor to be considered when trying to adjust.
Growth is a continuous process. That means you will keep on learning new things, meeting new people and taking unfamiliar routes. These are recipes for reaching that beautiful life you desire.
Adjusting entails being ready to move out of our comfort zones, but oftentimes we resist anything that will take us away from our comfort zones. Are you ready to adjust?
How flexible enough are you in responding positively to new events?

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