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I feel like sharing some of the lessons I have learnt. Keep reading.

I guess you have heard the aforementioned adage so many times, but have you sat down to ponder over it?  How sure are you that you are not carrying more than you can handle? 

That Mr A bought a car yesterday doesn't mean you have to buy a car today. That Mr B recently got married doesn't mean you should get married right now. That they are trending with silly things doesn't mean you should abandon your dreams and vision to trend with them.

I got engaged on the 17th of  March, 2019, and got married after 22 months. Many who got engaged at the same time are happily married and have their first child now, but that wasn't my way of looking at it. 

I wasn't in competition with anybody other than myself. I wasn't rushing to meet up with them but rather to meet up with my goals. I had barely started work. There was no point in taking the task of wedding immediately.

We got a lot of criticisms from friends, families, and loved ones over the delay in our wedding.

We started by preparing gradually according to our income, broke our goals into a monthly plan and continued through 2019 and 2020. 

One of the things my wife and I fought and prayed against was debt after the wedding. We avoided all forms of money lending services.

Today, I can tell you without mincing words we got married without any single debt hanging. Why? We designed our marriage to suit our income. We cut our coats according to our clothes.

A lot of egos will be on display when you want to do important things in your life, but you have to hold strong to your values.  

Never let people's ego push you into making an over-bloated budget that will put you in anguish.  

Most times we just want to appear like royalty before our friends and families without checking our income. We want a reputation that depicts affluence but fail to reflect on our capabilities.

One of the things that will lead you to nowhere is trying to please everybody at the same time.  There are borderlines to pleasing people. Our three weeks wedding invitation wasn't good for everybody, but we had to hold strong to it because we knew it will help to cut down the size of our audience to a size we could handle. It worked!

Another important thing is to reduce your expectations from people. Nobody is indebted to support you. People supporting your vision are a privilege and not your right.  I don't care how close they are to you. This is the mindset you should carry about. It will make you more responsible for your life. 

Our expectations were reduced to the barest minimum and guess what! We got so many surprise packages from friends and families (even those we have never met before).

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