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Make A Decision Now

If we place each day in 2019 side by side with each day in 2020, you'll find out that many who were complaining last year are still complaining this year.

Many who were unthankful last year are still unthankful this year. 

Be reminded that we don't have control of seasons and times. 

We only have control over our response to the things that happen to us.

No one can tell whether next year will be better than this year though we hope so, we can choose how we respond to events.

We can decide to be better next year by becoming better.

In 2019, many were praying to move into 2020 so that things will take a new turn. But did it actually happen? You be the judge.

The decision is yours...

You can't stop the rain from pouring, but you can always take your umbrella along.

You can't stop the scorching sun from drying up your crops in the dry season, but you can water your crops daily.

You can't stop the harmattan wind from drying up your skin, but you can decide to add glycerin to your body cream.

You can't stop people from talking negatively about you but your can chose to react differently so that it doesn't affect your health.

You can't change the Government but you can decide to take full responsibility for your actions and personal life.

You can't make your rich neighbours, uncles, aunties, friends, and relatives take care of you, but you can reduce your expectations and take full responsibility for your life.

You can't change the calendar to the previous year, but you can decide to make your new year meaningful.

Take this time to reflect soberly......

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