Before now, it was believed that more information equals better decision but today, researches have it that people are likely to make bad decisions after getting sufficient information without their belief system altered. 

I have  come to realize that permanent change lies in our belief system. We can get all the information we need, but without conviction transformation won’t take place.

Though information gives us a clearer path to making better decisions, most people will always judge new information base on their previous  beliefs, experiences and personal philosophies. Information is not enough.

On the day of Pentecost, Peter preached (gave more information) until the people were pricked in their heart. They didnt just preached but spoke in a manner that could alter the people’s belief system.

Then the people began to  examine their previous belief system. They decided when they made up their minds to alter their belief system. 

They said “men and brethren, what shall we do?”

Every day,  Our spiritual heads hammer on fornication but people still go on and have premarital sex. Why? Their belief system hasn’t changed despite the rich information.

Paul spoke so well that King Agrippa was almost converted. King Agrippa knew if Paul had continued, he would have converted him. 

While reflecting deeply, I was wondering why many people were unteachable. One answer came to my mind. Their belief system. It will take one a hard time to crack their belief system. 

If you want people to quickly make decisions after you have provided them with sufficient information, crack their belief system. Get into their hearts and get them convicted.

In order to make better decisions, we have to be open minded. We have  to be ready to learn, unlearn and relearn. We have to  be all out to change our previous belief system that does not align with  the new information we have gotten.

Crack your belief system, examine, modify,  align them and then make that decision and see how far you’ll go.

More quality information + A modified belief system = Better Decision.

Remember your action is the weighing scale for your belief system.

What did you learn?

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