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Four Ways To Have An Edge In Life.

Life is full of  principles that have lived on from generation to generation. These have stood the test of time and remained unchanged since creation.

What can you do to have an edge in life?


Many people have encountered the same problem you're facing right now years back. Tapping richly from their books can help you become better.

Did you know you can read books on marriage  to become a better spouse?

Did you know you can read books on parenting to  become a better parent?

Did you know you can understand your kids better at different levels if you read books on infants, teenagers, adolescents, etc?

"All insights that we might ever need have been captured by others in Books" - Jim Rohn.


When you travel, you stand the chance of gaining new perspectives to life which can influence the way you perceive, judge and decide on the issues of life.

The way a man who travels sees life is quite different from the way a man who doesn't travel does.   Just like the African adage says" A young man who travels a lot is older than an old man who stays in the village".

Travelling helps us to make use of our five senses maximally. When you travel, you can feel, touch, smell, taste, hear and see things yourself.

Travelling helps you to understand others, understand yourself, broaden your horizon and make you see life from different angles.

A man who travels a lot will always have an edge.


Learn How to make Money

You need money to take care of yourself, you need money to maintain your family, you need money to pay your bills.

Money itself is not our major problem because there's always money somewhere. But how do  we get the money?

Even in this global recession period, they are many entrepreneurs who are making more money on daily basis.  Learn everything legally possible to make money. 

Well, the popular opinion says follow your passion. I agree to that 100%. Before you stretch this too far, does your passion pay your bills? 

A child who is still having  three square meals in his parent's house may stretch his passion without considering his financial responsibilities.

But if you are an adult shouldering so many responsibilities and your passion is not converting, then it's time you thought about better ways of converting your skills to  money making machines. Even your passion needs money to be completely executed.


What can people remember by mere mentioning your name?  When we mention Lionel Messi, Ronaldo,  Okocha, football comes into our mind. When we mention Bill Gates we remember Microsoft. What value can people remember you for?

Your name becomes engraved in people's heart when they know you from your place of value. Your value gives you an edge.

Pausing here.... What did you learn?

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