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Today Nigeria is 60. A lot of criticisms, complains and bitter experiences would be recounted. All these might be true, but I want you to look at this perspective before recounting the terrible side of Nigeria.

Let's step it down to individuals. Let's reduce the country to the smallest unit. That's you. 

What have you done to develop yourself? What value have you been bringing to the table? How many lives have been touched by you? How many people can look at you and genuinely smile?

You can't help this country when you refuse to develop yourself. The future of this country is in the hands of individuals because we all have our level of influence no matter how small.

We lead in various capacities.

Your business is not to look at the country as a whole. That is a project that is beyond you. Look at the country as a unit. That's you. 

See yourself as the Nigeria. Have you gained independence from ignorance and laziness?

Take a sober reflection, take inventory, reorder your priorities and promise yourself  to do better. Once you do better, it will reflect in people's life. 

Happy Independence Day!

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