The Progress Mindset Of Looking At Mistakes

I started blogging purposefully in 2017.

All along it’s been an adventure.  I  dabbled into so many grey areas but did a lot of work to be where I am right now. 

I’m not yet where I ought to be, but I’m glad to say I have made tremendous progress.

Have you ever flipped through articles you wrote years back? 

How did they make you feel?

To be honest with you, some of my posts made me so proud and excited till I had to double-check to see whether  I was the one who wrote them or some other person.

Being happy for some great articles, I discovered so many mistakes I made alongside.

While I was dismayed by the fact that many people might have discovered my mistakes,  something special came to mind. Progress!

My mistakes pointed me to something special and that was my progress.

If you’re discovering little mistakes you made years ago when you thought you had it all, congrats you’ve made progress.

Back then you couldn’t see your mistakes even with the brightest light, but today it is crystal clear to you even in the dark.

Don’t feel bad about them. If you knew better, you would have done better.

Now that you know better, do better.

Work on those articles. Correct your mistakes and move forward.

One who makes no mistakes makes nothing.” ― Giacomo Casanova

The ability to learn from mistakes is a sign of intelligence. The willingness to admit ignorance is a sign of wisdom.”– Dr. T.P.Chia

Take this time to congratulate yourself while you get set to identify and fix your mistakes.

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