Is it normal to make mistakes?


I’m just thinking out loudly how many important files would be missing in the world if  commands like “Are you sure you want to move this file to the Recycle Bin?, This item will be deleted, Are you sure you want to delete this file?” were not incorporated into computer programmes.

A good programmer has the users at heart. That is the reason why he provides options to enable users confirm whether they are sure of their actions or not before executing their command to delete any file.

He perceives that they might be times where one would inevitably make mistakes in deleting files. Therefore proper provisions are made ahead of time to meet the need of the end-users.

In life, you can’t run away from mistakes.  We must adjust ourselves at regular intervals in order to move smoothly. 

Though we need to be principled, sometimes we need to admit to the fact that we are humans subject to mistakes and act accordingly.

I’ve seen people bawl  others out for  mistakes they felt could never happen, but they forgot that they weren’t  perfect too.

They forget too soon that they made so many mistakes while climbing the success ladder.

As Leaders, we have to make sufficient provision for accepting people’s mistakes and retraining them to do better.

We must come to the resolution that as far as human beings are concern, mistakes are unavoidable, therefore strategies should be built on how to correct mistakes in people.

Let us adopt the programmer’s mindset of handling mistakes in people, systems and organizations. 

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