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How to get pregnant for twins

Today's remedy is one remedy that I got from someone that it worked for that also got it from someone that it worked for.

What does this remedy do?.

If you or your spouse comes from a family of twins or a family tree that has/had twins, then this remedy should help. It is said to aid conception of twins, yes you read right.

How do you make it?

You'll need:

👉A slice of yam.

👉Slices of pineapple

👉Very ripe banana


What do you do with all these items?

Step 1:

Juice the pineapple slices and set the juice aside

Step 2:

Add your banana and blend until it forms a paste (Do not add water). Pour the paste into the pineapple juice

Step 3:

Add little milk (a quarter of  tin milk) into the smoothie.

Step 4:

Cook your slice of yam and when it is done, with the help of little water, blend until smooth. Pour your result into the mixture you already have...

Stir well and this should serve as your breakfast daily all through your ovulation period.

For those that do not have twins in their genealogy, you can also give it a try.

Bottom line: God is the giver of children, so pray and have faith while on this remedy.

I pray that it works for you.

Source: Olubukola Oyenike Akeju - ALTERNATIVE DIY THERAPY GLOBAL.


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