What is a meaningful Comment?

A meaningful comment is a comment that reflects your take out in a particular post. It can also take the form of making contributions and asking relevant questions.

For me, making meaningful comments had been imbedded in me from childhood but in a different form.
Whenever I was told to buy anything as a child,  I was asked to repeat exactly what I was told to buy. This was to make sure I didn’t miss anything. This helped to build my attentiveness.
We were mandated as children to always share what we learned in church. We all  told our mum the topic and what we took out of the lessons. We did this until it became natural to us.
I’ve seen many people come back from church so enthusiastic, but when asked what was preached, they can’t tell you one thing.
They forget the main thing which is the take home. 
There’s a lot to gain when you make a meaningful comment. 
One: It shows you really understood what was delivered to you.
Two: It helps to increase your mental capacity of understanding concepts.
Three: It helps  to improve your attentiveness when reading. 
Four: It broadens the scope of the writer and readers. It helps to put things into  perspective.
Five: It helps to build your social network. If you show interest in people’s post, they’ll also show interest in your post.
If you read a post the first time and you enjoyed it but can’t make any meaningful comment, read that post again until you grasp the center spot of the writer.
Once you’re able to dash into the mind of the writer, you will go home with something.
And that’s not all, don’t go like that. Come back to the comment section and place your comment highlighting the areas you find intriguing, share a personal experience that relates to the post and also make a little summary of the entire post.
Hope this helps someone out there.

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