kill toilet smell with these tips

If you’re using detergent to control toilet smell, you’re doing the wrong thing.

A lot of bacteria feed on detergent so, adding detergent to an over night urine can help to increase the odour.
For many, the smell of izal is too irritating.
Mothers can explain the pains they go through blushing their kid’s urine every morning. 
But here’s a  simple tip you’ve been ignoring.
Have you noticed that bleach kills toilet smell? Bleach is a very potent disinfectant.
Just a little capful of bleach i.e Hypo or Jik or your DIY bleach can instantly stop your toilet from bringing out that terribly bad smell?
The good thing about bleach is that it doesn’t have that very offensive odour like other disinfectant.
Bleach helps to kill bacteria causing odour in urine, faeces etc. You can always apply this every time you use the toilet.
Before flushing any urine, simply add just 10ml of bleach and allow it for 5minutes. Come back after 5minutes and flush and you’ll be surprised.
If your toilet still smells often even when no faeces or urine is in the sink, check the drainage. It could be that faeces must have blocked the free passage of other faeces which makes it to decay in the pipe.
Direction: Heat water to boiling point. Use it to flush the toilet. Do same to the bathroom pipe. This will help to dissolve any faeces in the pipe that has decayed.

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