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Three things to be considered before learning any skill

Coming from a family where the art of swimming was like an inheritance, it wasn't unusual for me to be a very good swimmer.

Years ago, we did go to farm twice or three times a week. 

Along the farm road, there is a stream. We did swim there all the time especially when we retire from the farm.

During the rainy season, the water increases in volume leaving some part very deep. It was only good swimmers that dare this part. Those who couldn't swim, had their good time in shallow areas where the water was up to their knees.

A close relative of ours visited us one time and we all went to the farm together that day.

Along the way, I asked him if he could swim. He said yes... He even narrated stories of how he swam in other streams.

Well, naturally I was in doubt so I kept watch.

As usual, when coming back from the farm we would stop by the stream to have our leisure. That day wasn't an exception.

My twin brother pull his clothes and dived into the water. I stood still to watch how the event was going to unfold.

He too jumped into the water and started drowning. I jumped into the water and rescued him as soon as I noticed he couldn't swim as  claimed and was drowning.

After this life threatening experience, he didn't go near the deep side till he traveled back. 

There are three things I want us to learn from this true life story.

Firstly, before going through any part you haven't been before or before learning any skill, it is important to learn the process of how it works.
This guy didn't have the patience to learn how to swim. He thought it was easy because he saw my brother swimming at ease. 

Next, he didn't study his environment. If he was careful enough, he would have asked for the depth of that part of the stream.

If he had studied his environment properly, he would have been aware that that area was too deep for an amateur swimmer like him.

Lastly, he wanted to start big... Just like I mentioned earlier, he ignored the learning process, he didn't study his environment which led to him starting big. 

He should have started small by locating the shallow part and learn how to swim.

This analogy holds for diverse life situations that we're faced with.

So before taking any decision to learn any skill, please try to consider these three facts: The process of learning, the environment and starting small.

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