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I can’t smell or taste anything.

Almost everybody is complaining of  the same thing…. Can’t smell, can’t taste.

With the ravaging news of corona virus in the air, this symptom has drawn a lot of concerns from so many people who fear that it might be a COVID - 19 symptom.

Loss of smell or taste is not new to anybody including little kids. But it’s quite unfortunate that it’s happening when COVID-19 shares the same symptom with malaria and typhoid.

Before we give this issue more attention than it is not, I would like you to be reminded that we are in the wet season. Cold, catarrh, cough, fever, malaria and typhoid are easily contracted.

Today’s post is to teach you how to get back your sense of smell and taste.

Treat Malaria & Typhoid

Malaria and typhoid thrive during the rainy season than dry season because the disease causing organisms can easily multiply in cold/wet seasons. If the catarrh and cough you’re having is not yielding to treatment, please treat malaria and typhoid first.

If the loss of smell and taste is still there after treating malaria and typhoid, consider the following options.

Take a lot of Vitamin C

Vitamin C helps to strengthen the immune system to fight against foreign bodies that enter the system. Take a lot of vitamin C. Take lots of fruits in addition to vitamin C.

Inhale Steam

Steam inhalation didn’t originate from the outbreak of corona virus. It has been an aged long treatment used for flu treatment. Heat water in a kettle. Turn the boiled water into a bucket and bend your head downwards into the bucket to inhale the  vapor.

Ginger, Garlic and Turmeric tea

Consider combining ginger, garlic and turmeric.  Grind these three powerful spices and boil in water.  Take one cup twice daily.

Scent Leaf

This has always been my last resort for very stubborn flu. It has the ability to unblock your nose instantly from congestion caused by catarrh and cough. As you drop the sap into your nostrils, it rolls away anything in your nostrils that causes congestion.

Get scent leave, squeeze the leaves to bring out the liquid then apply it in your nostril. Make sure you inhale it. Take your head up to ensure it doesn’t come out.

Do this twice daily until your sense of smell and taste is restored. 

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