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Rice Water for fairer skin

In one of my earlier post, I talked about how you could make rice milk an alternative to dairy product..... But today we are going to shift it further to skin care.

Have you been looking for ways of maintaining your light skin and  chocolate complexion without any harmful effect?

Then rice water is the best solution. Rice water has been an aged long skin care regimen which originated from Asia.

It leaves you with no harmful effect unlike other skin care products sold in the market.

It helps to give your skin a better tone and clears off blemishes, spots and leaves you a with a tender, smooth and moisturized skin. And i guess nobody hates a tender, smooth and moisturized skin.

It also  helps to  give a  uniform tone to those whose skin suffer from sunburn and hyper pigmentation.

It is one of the most used skin care home products.  It  also helps to boost hair growth by stimulating the hormones responsible for hair growth and also strengthens the hair in order to prevent breakage.

Though rice water can be used to whiten skin without any harmful effect, this post does not support the abuse of using it as a bleaching agent.

Also, try as much as possible to inspect the kind of rice you're buying as some have been exposed to parasites and  subjected to some harmful chemicals such as insecticides and pesticides.

If you really mean business, I'll suggest you buy the rice you want to used directly from the mill where it's been processed.

By doing so, you save yourself chances  of getting affected by harsh chemicals used in preserving the rice.

Please avoid polished rice. Most of the vital nutrients have been lost during refining.

How is rice water made for skin care?

Boiling rice water Method

Rinse the rice thoroughly and drain.
Use about four times more water than rice. Stir the rice and water together and boil
After, boiling, drop it down
Take a spoon and press the rice to release the helpful chemicals, strain out the rice with a sieve, and refrigerate the water in an airtight container for up to a week.
Dilute with plain water before using.

Soaking rice water Method
Wash the rice and drain the water
Soak in water. Let it soak for at least 30 minutes before pressing the rice and straining it through the sieve.
 Finally, refrigerate the rice water.

Fermented rice water Method

Wash the rice
Soak in water in an air tight container for 24 - 48 hours.
Filter the mixture and refrigerate. Use within 7 days.

Alternatively, wash the rice and grind the raw rice.
Soak in water and allow to ferment for 24 to 48 hours. Make sure it is fermented in an airtight container.
Strain the filtrate with a sieve
Refrigerate it but not more than 7days.

How to apply rice water on skin

Dip  a cotton pad into the mixture and gently dab on any area of your skin you wish to apply.

How to apply rice water on the hair

Put rice water in a spray bottle and spray gently on your hair and the use your fingers to spread them all over your hair.

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