Home Alternatives to hand sanitizer for Covid – 19

In my last post, I wrote on how to make hand sanitizer for washing hands in order to prevent Covid – 19.

But came to think that alot of folks won’t have the time to make their own hand sanitizer so i decided to make this post specially for you.

In Nigeria, prices of goods go up during crises period like this. It is no more news that hand sanitizers have become twice expensive and most times less effective as they are mainly sold to maximize profit to the producers with less concern about the impact on customers.

Let’s quickly brush through some home tips that can be  a cheap alternative to santizers.

Washing your hands regularly

You’ve always heard wash your hands with soap and water. In my opinion this is the most effective way of preventing the spread of this virus through the hands. The soap help to kill the germs in your hands and also help in the removal of these germs.

Mechanically when your palms are being rubbed together, it helps to both kill the virus and wash them away quickly.

I know you might be wondering if this was the best solution why hand sanitizers have always been  emphasized. we won’t carry soap and water about but we can carry sanitizer about.

Sanitizer is a quick fix which help to kill the virus chemically.  It is mobile and easy to be applied anywhere without discomfort.

Diluted Bleach
With N25 hypo you can make your own disinfectant. Dilute with water of the same amount with the bleach. If it is too harsh, dilute it further.

Diluted Dettol
Dettol can be diluted to become your homemade hand rub. Dilute 2 cap full of dettol into 100ml.

I know this might surprise you. Did you know you can disinfect your hands using your perfume. The major constituent of perfume is alcohol with various fragrance mixed together. Alcohol is a potent disinfectant. The beauty of this is you can always apply on your palms any time you’re wearing your perfume.


Vinegar has been used for long for disinfecting surfaces. Vinegar is highly effective in killing germs. The more the acetic acid content, the more powerful it is. Buy Vinegar with high acetic acid.

The citric acid in lemon gives it it’s antibacterial/antiseptic quality. Dilute lemon juice with warm water and apply when needed.

If you have your tips too, you can also share. Stay safe. Remember health is wealth.

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