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DIY Remedy for Dark Underarm/Inner Thigh

Nothing is more embarrassing than seeing somebody else's underarm darker than it's actual complexion. It looks so unkempt and messy meanwhile these people might not know the cause.

Darkening is commonly found in the armpits, back of the neck, groin, elbows  and knees. Darkened armpit is sometimes refer to as  acanthosis nigricans medically.

Before we go into the home remedy for dark underarm/inner thigh let's look at the causes. 


While darkening of the underarm can affect anybody, some cases tend to stem from  the genetic make up of the individual . That is to say they inherited it from their parents. 

The more they shave their under arms, the more melanocytes will be produced in those areas which  will eventually lead to darkening of that area.

Melanocytes are cells that produces the dark pigment in the human body and that is why it is more likely found in dark people than light skin people.


Overweight people tend to produce large amount of insulin which help to produce more melanocytes. Skin darkening is often seen in their Skin folds and underarms.

Some Medication

Some medication such as insulin, corticosteroids, human growth hormone,birth control pills, high-dose niacin (Niacor) stimulate the production of insulin which in turn increase darkening of the under arm.

Hormonal Imbalance

Some conditions such as polycystic ovary syndromeCushing syndromeacromegalyhypothyroidism, an underactive thyroid gland can destabilize the production of insulin in the body.

Other causes

This stem from our daily activities like application of deodorant/ antiperspirant,   wearing tight clothes frequently, irritation from shaving, etc. 


-1cup of  brown sugar
-powdered milk 2 tablespoons
-Baking soda 1tablespoon
-honey 2 tablespoons 
-lemon/lime juice 4 tablespoon
-olive or coconut oil 10ml


Turn 1cup of  brown sugar into a container
- Add 2 tablespoons of  powdered milk and stir
- Add 1tablespoon  of Baking soda and stir
- Add 2 tablespoons of honey  and stir 
- Add 4 tablespoon lemon/lime juice and stir
- Add 10ml olive or coconut oil  and stir for 2 minutes 
- Store in a  refrigerator.


Scrub In Circular Motion For 4 minutes then rinse with water.

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