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CoVid 19 is real Nigeria

It beats my imagination to think that a lot of people still believe that Covid 19 does not exist in Nigeria. A handful of people feel that our leaders are using this medium to amass Wealth for themselves. Whether our leaders are amassing wealth for themselves or not should not be our main concern for now. Our main concern should rather be safety first.

Many others still have refused to believe so that they can carry out their daily activities without panic. The truth be told covid 19 is real and as a matter of urgency should be treated as  a life-threatening situation. In the case of people being forced to obey the rules shouldn't be so in the first place if they are properly enlightened. While we wait for the government to provide palliative care, we are responsible for our health status. Our misbehaviour or carefree attitude can lead to ravaging effects.

This disease does not respect personalities, status, poor or rich, young or old. For now on as you've heard there is no cure for the disease. it's time we all in unison  took the necessary steps in protecting ourself by  obeying the directives by the government, avoid going out unnecessarily, staying indoors, washing your hands regularly with soap and water, sanitizing your hands with alcohol-based sanitizer, avoiding shaking of hands, maintaining a high level of social distance, puting on nose mask when going out.
To make your own hand sanitizer using the standard World Health Organisation procedure for making alcohol-based hand sanitizer, click the link below:

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