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Attitude Quote for 2020

A lot of people usually blame others for their reactions.... But that's a perspective truth.... But the whole truth is that a sugarcane still remains sweet even when crushed. You cant make a sugarcane bring out bitter sap.... Never blame people for your actions.

If you want to change how you react to things, first change how you think.... We respond to things base on how our brains transmit information.

A sugarcane is sweet in the mouth but becomes a weapon when used on somebody's head....learn to direct your actions appropriately.

The mere fact that people could be nice when they are in need shows that being nice to others is a choice. If they aren't nice is what they've chosen to be.

People's true character come out when they can no longer benefit from you. Watch out.

People never miss people of less value to them. If your absence doesn't mean anything to people, it simply means you're of no value to them.

You have to protect your core values and stand at the door of your mind. A little influence can take away all you've built over the years.

When you're good at your job, your boss will be more tolerable whenever you make any mistake... Know your onion.

Each day ask yourself this question.... " what did i do today that brought me closer to my dream? Did i make progress?"

Courtship is like preparing for an interview. You prepare well for the interview to please the interviewer then when the job is given to you, you show your true colors..... Let God be your guide.

Having a weak point  is like having an don't dig it further, you nurture it until it gets well. So your partner will be better if you ignore their weakpoint most times. Know your partner's weak points and  overlook that part most times.

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