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How to use Tecno Pouvoir 3 without draining the battery
I guess you're enjoying the new pouvoir 3. Well, it's got amazing features such as long life battery, 4G, face unlock, 32G ROM, 2G Ram, etc....

You might be wondering why your battery goes  down or were you scammed to believe that pouvoir 3 came with 5000 mAh battery life?

A lot of times we complain about our phone functionality without having knowledge on its proper usage.

Before you condemn the phone, let's take a look at some of the things you're doing that you're not aware of that drains your battery.

Your Data is always On
If there's anything that utilizes your phone battery to draining point is your data being on. A lot of apps depends heavily on the Internet.

So, turning on your data is like opening the gate for all the apps to be used. When you're not making use of the internet, it is highly advisable to turn off your data especially when it is in 4G mode.

If you're not downloading or browsing but feel like chatting  then using 2G mode can function effectively except there's poor network coverage.

Screen Brightness
Another battery eater is screen brightness. Always adjust your screen to something close to the minimum light. Pouvoir 3 also comes with a feature call eye care. Eye care enables you to read effectively at night without causing harm to your eyes.

Pouvoir 3 also comes with another feature that adjust its screen brightness according to the  light intensity of the environment.

This will prevent you from manually scrolling up and down your screen brightness. Go to settings then tab display. Tab Adaptive brightness.

Battery saver.
Pouvoir 3 comes with a battery saver feature. This turns on automatically when the phone is 15%. Why wait till it is 15%? Just turn it on to save you from apps that run without your knowledge.

Battery saver as the name implies really saves battery. It stops all background apps, reduces performance and also prevent apps from updating automatically. It gives you the opportunity to open them at your convenience.

It is advisable to use the native battery saver than using battery saving apps. Most of those battery saving apps end up draining your battery.

For those who already know how to save battery life, you can also share your own tips.

NB: Battery saver turns off whenever the phone  is in charging mode. Always turn it on immediately you unplug the charger.

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