Don’t forget your dreams

Well,  we’ve all been there. When  it all went wrong, when all we’ve worked and planned for went gaga.

Now you lack strength to follow through your vision. It seems like some super giant should come and turn you on. What if there isn’t anyone like that? What if they don’t show up? Will you let your vision go down the drain just like that?

If you want change, if you want to stand up on your feet now and begin to pursue your abandoned dreams,then read on. 

Stay glued to the end and I promise you something super cute will take you over. 
Have you ever  hunger for something? Have you ever been thirsty for so long and you needed water badly? That’s how I want you to be thirsty  and hunger for your dreams.
Wait a minute that’s not all, your best motivation comes from you. If you wait for who to get you started, you’ll rot. Guess what they have for you.? Answer: nothing much. So remember nobody knows your dream better than you. Nobody can live your dreams, but  you.

Take full responsibility for your life. It’s a sign of maturity. Stop blaming your uncles, aunties, brothers, sisters and other close pals for your misfortune. Take charge of your life. 

Yes… It is true that they didn’t loan you money to start your dream business. Do not remain there. stop putting all the blames on them. They are responsible for their lives and not yours. And like I said earlier, they have nothing much for you.

Let me equip you with one more thing:you don’t need to start big. You’re finding it difficult because you want to start big. You want to climb the tree from the top. You want to start with the product without raw materials.

Now here’s a challenge for you, get started. I know definitely you don’t have much to live your dreams right now, but you can do something to get started.

 Just get started where you are, with whatever you have and just maintain that tempo. When nature sees your willpower it will make  way. Figure out the small things you can do that will tilt you to your vision.

Let’s assume you want to work out but you lack motivation to do it. Stop being analytical and get started.  Too much analysis leads to paralysis. May be a little press up, may be just 3 jumps, may be a little run etc but make sure you get started.

Yes another thing you need is self discipline. Repeat after me…. Self discipline…. Without self discipline you’re going no where. We have a lot of distractions in this world. Have you noticed that once you take a step towards your dreams….boom! Here comes distractions. This is not anything mysterious… This is just how life has programmed things to be.

A lot of times we get enthusiastic in the beginning, we want to even climb more steps than normal, we want to just dash into our destination, but when the real show down comes we  become cold. Why? Lack of self discipline…..

You need to be self disciplined to do the necessary things. You need self discipline to keep you focused on your target. Let discipline come first before pleasure.

Here’s another powerful weapon, think on why you chose your dreams…. It looks simple but can highly motivate you. It is fact that when your why is big enough, your chances of getting discouraged will be slim. Why do you want to follow your passion? Why do you need a musical skills? How would you feel when you become what you have envisioned….

As you think about your why, your mind begins to received inner strength. If I must be sincere, my WHY brought me back to blogging again… It reminded me of what I envisioned.

Don’t put God out of this business. Through prayers and hard work you’ll make it.

Have a nice day and thank you for reading

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