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How to Maintain a Healthy way of thinking

Have you ever felt negative thoughts overwhelming you? You've tried all you could but to no avail. Well, today I'm going to share a few powerful tips that will give you a lasting change and raise you above negative thoughts. No doubt, we cannot completely eliminate negative thoughts from our mind but we can reduce them to the bearest minimum. Our attitude will completely subdue the remaining negative thoughts  and send them packing.

Let's get going

Your Environment 

Your environment can affect the way you think. Staying for instance in a stuffy environment where no cross ventilation is can spark off negative feedback mechanism in your body chemistry. This is so because all your organs and systems are under duress. Your body in one way tries to adapt while in another way it tries to fight back. As this process goes on internally, negative thoughts are generated. Learn to make out time to stay in a well ventilated area. Communicate with nature and I bet you'll never remain the same again. Staying under the shade of a tree can be so soothing and refreshing to me. You get fresh, uncontaminated air. It makes breathing easier which in turn controls how we think.

Deep breathe

I slightly mentioned breathing earlier. Our breathing rate can affect the quality of our thoughts. When your breathing rate increases as a result of danger, a negative feedback is produced. This tend to increase the volumes of unhealthy thoughts in our heads. Everyday make out time to take series of deep breathes. Your stomach should rather be the one doing the inhaling and exhaling than your chest.

When negative thoughts seems to over power you, stop, take a series of deep breathes. During this time concentrate on how you breathe up and down. To link this method with the environment, take deep breathes in a well ventilated areas.

Your Attitude

Nothing in actual sense has meaning unless you give it a meaning. That's the reason one person can feel strong after a storm and the other person may feel perplexed going through the same storm. Attitude is everything. You can't place a full stop on the negative thoughts from coming into your mind but you can change the way you react to them. Its not the problem you're looking at that is actually the problem. The real problem comes from how you choose to handle it.

 Nothing can take over your mind without your permission. Therefore learn to see the positive side of everything that happens to you. Decide to be positive and you'll be positive . Let's say you have no food to eat this morning. Instead of complaining you interpret it that may be God wants you to fast and pray.  While in this positive attitude a way will be made.

Haven't you seen kids without homes happy throughout the day? What makes them happy? Attitude! God hates complain. Our system responds to complain so fast. When we complain we become less powerful and less resourceful. Therefore choose how you interprete circumstances. If you look very carefully there is a cloud in every silver lining. There is a beautiful side of everything that happens to you. It's not what happens, it's how you react.

Sorround yourself with Positive People

Negative people are highly infectious with negative attitudes. So do positive people.  If you want to be happy, spend time with people that are happy, spend time with people that wants the best out of you and you'll remain positive. It's always said "negative people have problem for every solution". And that's so true. These guys make life too difficult and unbearable; their focus is always on what could go wrong. You cannot completely eliminate negative people out of your life but you can spend less of time with them. The greatest gift you can give anyone is your time and attention. Don't give you time and attention to negative people. Remember when you give it will surely come back to you. When you give your time and attention to people, it will definitely be multiplied and given back to you. Be wise! Sorround yourself with positive people and you'll get positive thoughts  back.

Be selective with what you absorb

Don't go for every tom, dick and harry.  Be selective on what you want. Be selective on the type of movies you see, the types of book you read, the type of programmes you subscribe to, the sites you visit on the internet. All these avenues have the ability to change the way you think and reason. Whatever thing you absorb intentionally or unintentionally pours massive ingredients into your subconscious mind. Stand guard at the door of your mind. Absorb things that tally with your philosophy. Don't expect to  have healthy thoughts throughout the day when you started your day reading a sad  newspaper. Shift your focus to more positive things and you'll never regret it. Reading and meditating on the Bible is another good way to keep your mind stable and focused.


I wonder how many people pray with purpose. Sometimes we rush over prayers and forget that that's where we find strength for the day. We transfer our busy attitude to prayers. Most times too we don't pray we say prayers. We are suppose to pray prayers. When we take time to pray, it helps our minds to get settled. A sense of direction and relieve is gained and our thoughts are channeled to healthy thoughts when we pray. Don't forget to pray!


Listening to uplifting music is not only good for your body but to your soul and spirit. Singing along side with a music track can help you focus on the lyrics and not your thoughts. You'll be surprised to hear this songs replay in your mind in your downtimes. There are countless inspiration one can draw from a very good music. With music, you don't have to pause other activities to concentrate. You can listen to music while at work, in the kitchen, bathroom etc. Technology has made it very simple that even the poorest man can afford an mp3 player which is mostly imbedded in our mobile phones.

Learn a skill

The Bible says an Idle man is a devils workshop. When your mind is not occupied, it tends to wander to destructive thoughts. Never stay idle except you're resting. Learn skills that are challenging. It helps to keep your mind focused and prevents it from going astray.


God who made us to sleep wasn't mistaken. Even God rested after creation. So he made rest very important. Sleep helps our system to rejuvenate. Our brains begin to shutdown when we sleep less. Not sleeping can stir up worry, anxiety, depression and moodiness. Do make time for proper sleep.

Proper diet

Your diet too can affect the way you think. Haven't you heard a hungry man is an angry man? So too a person who eats junk food will start having poor way of thinking. The body needs nutrients to stay healthy. When we don't take in good food it affects our mind and bodies and how we think.

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