Writing Down Goals And Keeping Records More Likely To Achieve Success

When my Cyber Cafe business that was booming turn red, I was depressed. Then one day, I flipped through my sales book.  What I saw was amazing.  I was shocked to see how far I’d progressed. I discovered the period that sales were in red was just a few days. My countenance changed and I was basking in gratitude. How would I have known if I didn’t keep records?

I’ve oftentimes wondered why most people hardly keep records or write down their goals. This is a very simple process. You don’t have to depend on your brain for everything. 
A frugal woman will write down a list of all she wants to buy before going to buy them. This gives her a sense of direction. 
There are so many eye-catching products in the market. Without this list chances are, she might be carried away by a variety of enticing goods displayed. As little as this list is, it has the potential to guide her throughout her visit to the market.  This list will assist her to arrange what she wants to buy in order of priority. 
In life, anything you want to do and you mean it, write it down. Don’t depend on your brain for storage. That is why pens, paper and books are made. Can you imagine how the world will look like if there was nothing written for you to learn? Through writing, you can start planning strategically on how to carry out all your wonderful ideas.
Goals were never meant to be stored in the head. They were meant to be written and kept in a position where you’ll always see them. As you read them daily, they will reinforce your willpower to withstand adversity. 
Goal setting is highly indispensable to anybody who aspires to climb to the top. When we write down our goals, we automatically give ourselves a target. Write that goal down.
How about record Keeping?
A lot of times we get caught up in our daily activities that we forget the essence of taking inventories. Record keeping is easier when it is done right at the spot because the memory of what you’ve done is still fresh. 
You need to keep track of what goes on in your business, life and career. This will help you to know whether you need to adjust your lifestyle or not. It will help to define the type of person you’ve become. It will reveal to you whether you’re making progress or not. Keeping proper records will give you a very clear picture. 
You don’t need a degree to do this. Write it as best as you can understand, after all, the main ingredient can be understood by you. 

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