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Sometimes you have to get closer in order to get the real picture.

Towards 4pm today in my area, I wanted to get water in a certain Primary Health Centre. From a distance I saw the borehole locked but I kept on going. Unlike others days I would have gone back on seeing the borehole locked but today I needed water badly so I had no option than to move forward. My intention was to meet those in charge to open the borehole for me to get water. To my surprise, none where there. Well, I continued to where the borehole was. As I got closer almost giving up, I looked at the padlock for the last time.

 Lo and behold! it was only hung there. It wasn't locked. Then a thought came to me "Sometimes you have to get closer in order to get the real picture".  I said " wow, this is true ". I started looking at life with the lens of this statement. Sometimes, we judge people prematurely without going close to them. We see others from afar and pass judgement. We fail to understand that we cannot understand people by standing aloof. Some may be very good at first sight but not really good. Some may look bad at first sight but may not be bad. Some still maintain who they are both far and near.

This statement works for every aspect of our lives. You don't know how a house looks like until you enter it. Sometimes it may look well painted outside to deceive people but on the inside it's like a toilet. Same thing some houses look quiet old on the outside but new and clean on the inside.

Time has always been a true prove of people. A lot of times people don't bear patient to know all about a person's personality. They rush into conclusion. You have to be patient enough to really see the picture of who they really are. When you've gotten so close and you don't still find it comfortable, it is there and then you make your decision whether to adapt or turn your back.

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