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Reasons why the people you love most hurt you the most.

Over-expectation:  One of the best answers to reasons you're being hurt by the ones you love most is over-expectation. We often measure our love ones with the yardstick of our experiences, knowledge, status and manner of life. We forget to check whether they're up our level or not. Though some may act and look like adult ( I mean maturity) due to their status in life,chances are they might not have attained the same level as you in terms of understanding.

Over-expectation eats deeply into relationships, families and friends. Parents for example, want their children to grow overnight. They fail to remember they were once at this stage and majority of them never got close to the level of progress their children are making now when compare with the same age. They use their current status to measure the level of their children's progress. If they don't meet up with all these expectations, they become dissatisfied, hurt and sad.

In relationships on the other hand where one partner does everything both calls, concern, care, they'll always be fracas. When the other partner fail to reciprocate, they get bitterly hurt especially when they're ignored.

Your attention: Jim Rohn said " The best gift you can give anyone is your time". What you pay attention can either help your thinking faculty or destroy your thinking faculty. We get hurt naturally when we pay huge attention to certain people and we're ignored. The time we spend to give to others can never be brought back. If you notice closely you'll find out that they're many people that are 100 times worst than the people we love but we don't consider them. Why? Simple! Because we don't pay attention to them. They are people you greet that will never answer back but you don't even think about them. They go scot free but not our loves ones.

Unmutual Feelings: One of the most stressful feelings is to be in a relationship where where unmutual feelings thrives. In this case, it is better to give and love without expecting anything in return else you're going to make it into hot water. But how can we live without expecting in a world where the reverse is the case? People want to be sure you love them the same way they love you. Life has made it that the people you're ready to die for are not ready to die for you and the people that are dying for you, you don't give a damn to them. While you're feeling hurt for not being loved, another person is feeling hurt too for you not loving them.

One of the causes of unmutual feelings is fake love. A lot of people make friends for different reasons. Most of them just come to steal from you and go. All their love, sacrifice, praises, favour were all under the auspices of flattery and egocentricity. When the other partner get to know all this, it causes real pain to know they were used all this while. The most aggravating part is most people hardly get over this. They just can't snap out of it. Well, if he or she does not like or love you, take it in good fate and learn to move on. Hanging there will cause you disaster.

Perception: Everybody has their way of perceiving love. Your wife may want you to pamper her, praise her and treat her like royalty. The husband on the other hand may not feel that's necessary. This difference in perception can lead to a break up because each partner perceive love in their own definition. Some people have the ability to express love and make it very glaring that even the blind and deaf can perceive. While some do not have this ability. People in the latter category will mostly express love when you're in danger. That's the only way you'll know they love you. The only solution to this is to learn how each other perceive love and try to give it that way if you truly love him/ her.

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