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6 Reasons why Nobody is too busy

Have you ever encountered problem hooking up with some friends and family? Have they in nine out of ten times told you they're too busy? Yes this can be  absolutely true. Sincere enough, they may not be lying but their ego and priorities make them not to dedicate time for you.

Today, I'm discussing on why your friends keep avoiding you all in the name of being busy.

1. Ego
If there's anything that destroys relationship whether at family level, friendship level or social arena is ego. The bible says pride goes before destruction. They're people out there that want you to worship them before they give you their attention. They derive pleasure when people act desperately before they can even say a word and then dump you there for another donkey moment. They are selfish in their time and attention. The simplest way to hinder this kind of people from hurting you is to pay less attention to them. Reduce your expectations and move on with your life. Egocentric people only think about themselves and not for others.

2. Priority
If you're constantly being ignored chances are you're in someone else's trash can. And you definitely know what a trashcan is made for. You only visit it when you have some things to dump and leave.  Every human whether good or bad have people that are in their scale of preference. Let's assume right now you get 20 messages from 20 different people. It is quite natural for you to first check the ones that are important to you. In fact sometimes before turning on your data in your phone, there are people you're expecting messages from. The important ones may be just 5 and the other ones may never be checked or may be checked after some time. If some set of people keep your messages for days and weeks and months unread chances are you may not be important to them.

3. Rapport
People tend to flow with people that are like them or like what they want to become. A business man will spend more time with his customers or fellow business man than a lay man who does not toss any coin into his pocket. Same thing with all profession. The principle of friendship is rapport. When you meet people the first time and instantly begin to flow with them, it could be that they posses some qualities that you admire or that you too possess. Same principle works the opposite way. People tend to ignore or act like they're too busy with people they have no rapport with.

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4. Nothing to offer
 People will always act like they're too busy when they perceive you have nothing to offer. That is the reason a wealthy man has so many friends though this friendship tends to be very false because they are just there for the money. If they show respect it's the money they're showing respect to and not you. Men have been rejected in their low down estate by ladies who once perceived they had nothing to offer. When these same men scaled through rough heights and made it to the top, these same ladies will be the ones almost worshipping them to get their attention back to them because they now feel they have something to benifit from.

5. They are tired of you
When you're kept at an arm's legs by the ones who once spend almost all their time with you. All effort to bring them back to those good moments fail, chances are they're tired of you. This behaviour must have being either caused by your attitude or they just want you out of their lives. May be they need a little space in their lives. Give them some break and if they're still acting the same way then it's time you called it amicably quit.

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6. Lack of love
In any relationship you should always seek for mutual love or else love unconditionally to avoid being hurt. People show care and concern to the ones they love. They're careless about the remaining ones. Whether they're surviving or not it's none of their business. It is fact that the people you're dying for may not be dying for you. And you may not be dying also for the people that are dying for you. That's natural.

My conclusion: It may be true that they are busy but they can always make time for you if they wan to.

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