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Reasons why you shouldn’t enable https on blogger custom domain

I was glad when blogger added the encryption option for bloggers. Immediately, I enabled https on my blog not knowing I had dug a very deep pit for myself. Early this year, most of my pages ranked higher in google first page but after turning https function on,I nearly lost everything.

My pages was no longer opening. I did not discover on time until my viewers started reporting and chatting me up telling me they could not access my page. Initially, i thought it was server problem but later on, it was done on me that it was because I turned on https.

My search ranking dropped: my pages were  almost went extinct except a few pages that were rare. I could  view my pages on search only when I added my url.

My Alexa ranking dropped: My alexa ranking dropped drastically infact I was bitter when i saw it.

My traffic dropped: This was the last blow that broke the camel's back. Personally I could not access my page. The traffic was nothing to ride home about. An instinct told me to turned https off. Immediately I did my blog opened.

Many people are aware of this while some are not aware. Many bloggers too have similar complain. So if you're using blogger for your custom domain kindly disable https. But if you feel like giving it a try, no problem. But i bet you, you'll definitely face the same problem.

Also note that https is automatically turned on for blogs not having custom domains. It works well in blogspot but not custom domains.

To disabled https go to SETTINGS, click  Basics, under https availability select No, under HTTPS Redirect select No.

My conclusion, for now blogger and google has not been able to work on this errors. So switch back to http if you've enabled https or do not enable https  if you thought of doing so before your blog goes down the drain.

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