How to cope with Stress


If you’re still struggling to deal with stress, then this post is specially designed for you. Following a few tips I’ll share with you will go a long way to help you cope with stress whether at school, work, business or any other walk of life you’re into. These tips have been tested and proven to be highly effective.

There are a number of post on the internet that profer solution to handling stress but only few of them really work. Stay with me as I carry your through this journey of coping with stress.

Let’s get started….

Put off Visual electronics
I touched your hot spot right? Yes…. If you’re stressed up and you really want your mental faculties to reset, put off some electronic devices like computer, phone, tv and even movie. All this devices can help to increase stress as the mind at this point is not at perfect rest but in a state of total concentration to these visuals. Have you ever noticed you can hardly read after seeing a movie? Yes it is so because a lot of work has been done by your brain.

Stay off social Media
Studies have shown that increase use of social media can lead to depression and anxiety which can eventually cause stress to your body. It isn’t bad to go offline when you seem stressed for three days or even a week.

 In fact, the quality of your sleep will improve greatly and you’ll be amazed by the result thereafter. Most times improper sleep can cause severe stress to the body. When the body comes to a complete rest it renews it’s strength. When it doesn’t rest completely then chances are you’ll wind up been stressed. Click here to learn more on how avoid social media distraction

Reduce your work load
Reduce your work load, reduce your speed, remove unwanted schedules and prioritize your time for something useful and necessary.  Have you noticed that some times you get busy doing things that are worthless and stressful. At the end of the day you can’t really figure out what you did but you’re stressed up already.

Cut your workload into bits and follow through them gradually. For example, you want to read for 4hours as a student, read for one hour, take 15 minutes break, read for another one hour and take another 15 minutes break until you hit 4 hours rather than gluing to your sit for 4 hours at a stretch. Click here to learn more on time management

Eat well
I guess you’ve heard times without number that” you’re what you eat ” If you eat junk it’s going to make you look like junk. If you eat well, it’s going to make you look well. By eating well I mean taking a well balanced diet. Giving preference to seafoods over land meats can be a great turning point in your life. Seafoods contain nutrients that help to fight free radicals in your body.

Discontinue the use of hard drugs, alcohol and caffeinated drinks. These are temporary solutions to permanent problem. So, stop the unhealthy attitude and embrace the healthy ones.

Play quiet and Calm Music
Alot of times people increase their stress hormone by putting very lowsy music. This should not be done. Find a quiet environment with proper ventilation, play a soft, low and cool music while you take deep breaths at intervals. Deep breaths are very good stress relievers.

Exercise is another powerful tool that can be harnessed to curb stress. First thing in the morning, go out and jog, do some stretching exercise and skipping.

Prayer works miracles. Do not underestimate the power of prayer. It has the potential óf sending anxiety, depression and worries to extinction. Open your Bible and spend much time reading and meditating on it then pray.

I hope these tips work for you.  Give it a try for one week and give me a feedback.

See ya!

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