Some wrong expressions you need to eliminate

1.How to respond to how do you do?
Many times I’ve heard people reply “how do you” as a question and not as a greeting. Though unknown to them this really sounds weird to someone who knows the meaning.

If you meet your friend, neighbour, father or mother and  “how do you do” is being said, your response should be “how do you do” just like replying “good morning ” for “good morning”.

2. How are you doing?
Do not confuse how are you doing with how do you do? How are you doing is just the same as “how are you” and we all know the reply. The reply can be “I’m fine, thanks” in formal settings and ” great, awesome, cool informal settings.

3. How to write your name
As simple as this is, a number of people make serious mistake in writing their names. That’s one of the reasons the arrangement of names of people during external exams get mixed up because at the point of registration they supply a wrong arrangement of their names. And the other person receiving the data uses the original format. The student complain will be like ” this is not my surname”

So how do you write your name for somebody who does not know you to be able to differentiate your surname from your firstname to your middle name?

Without a comma
If your name is written without a comma for example: Joseph Faith Luke
The the name that you start with is the firstname as the name implies. The next name is your middle name as illustrated above aka othernames. The last but not least is your lastname, as the name implies. It is also called surname. Your surname is your parents or family name.
From the example above we can deduce that:
 Joseph is the firstname
Faith is the middle name or othername
Luke is the lastname or surname.

Writing with a comma 
Example: Joseph, Faith Luke
If you write your name in this format it means the name with comma is your surname or last name, the second is your first name and the last is your middle name or other names.

So from the example above we can deduce that
Joseph is the surname or lastname
Faith is the firstname
Luke is the middle name or lastname.

4. Do you mind….
 Whenever any question starts with do you mind, the answer should be No if you agree or yes if you don’t agree. I.e in this type of question, yes means no and no means yes.

For example: Do you mind if I give you a cup of tea? If you want the tea then your answer should be no but if you don’t want the tea your answer should be yes.

Do you mind literary means is it a problem?

5. How to use have, has and had
I have drunk the water
I have drank the water
I have drink the water

From the expression above the first one is correct. The rest is grammatically wrong. The rule in this case is: anywhere have, has and had is used, the verb following it should be past participle. You can search for past participle of verbs using a good dictionary.

6. How to use much and many
Much is used for uncountable noun while many is used for countable noun

For example
There are many plates
In this case plates can be counted.

This rice is really much
In this case rice is uncountable.

More coming your way soon!

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