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5 Leading Causes of Premarital sex

Premarital sex may simply be defined as engaging in sexual intercourse before marriage. Almost all culture sets sets standards for having sex. Cutting across different cultures, beliefs, religion and traditions, marriage  is the only place any individual is officially permitted to have sex.

There are many dangers of premarital sex. A lot of people have fallen because of this act. Many have gone to their early graves, in the end received what they didn't bargain for. There are indeed many causes of premarital sex. This will be highlighted  below:

Peer pressure: 
There is a regular and popular saying that "birds of a feather usually flock together". This statement directly means if your friend possesses a certain behaviour, you as an individual is most likely to have it. A plethora of persons will like to have a sense of belonging among their friends. Any slight attempt to resist sex pressure mounted by close friends will be ridiculed and scorned at. Therefore willingly or unwillingly they accept this plight in order to prove to their friends they're manned enough and also to gain acceptance.

Some friends ( the bad eggs) take it upon themselves to educate their friends who are still novice in the game on how to have sexual intercourse, provide them with pornography, and other dirty tips to spur them up to commit this act. Evil communication corrupts good manners says the Bible. When you hang around corrupt friends chances are you'll end up being corrupt because life teaches us that we are an average of who we chose as friends. It is also said " show me your friend and I will tell you who you are". About 70% of premarital sex is caused by sex pressure mounted by peer group. So, it highly important that parents keep themselves abreast with both new friends and old friends of their children.

Hardly is there any relationship without sex involved or sex being the bone of contention. A lot of pressure comes from one of the opposite sex ( especially the males) to engage their partners to have sex.  Times without number, sex is erroneously perceived by young folks as the only way to show how much a girl loves a boy or vice versa.  This misconception is highly misleading. As a matter of fact, many people only enter into a relationship where sex is not a problem. Many girls/boys have been deceived, defiled and afterwards dumped because of this wrong philosophy.

While genetics has a great role to play in ones attitude and behaviour, environment has high influence on humans ranging from kids to adult.

Living in an area where premarital sex is the order of the day will put teenagers in a great struggle to resist the urge to have sex because the atmosphere has been polluted by defiled individuals. Since one's environment is highly influential, it has the capacity to build and mold ones character. Staying near joints, hotels, working in hotels, selling in joints, living close to prostitute centers, hawking etc can be very deleterious to growing kids and even adults.

Negligence by Parent/ Sex Education:
When parents fail in their part to educate their kids about sex and the dangers in engaging in sexual inter course prematurely and premaritally, they develop anxiety and curiosity to know what sex entails. In the process of acquiring this knowledge beside their parents, they get defiled, deflowered and most times abused.

The struggle to make ends meet has made most parents to forget the responsibility of taking care of their children thereby leaving them to their fate. This loop hole in parent's ability has led to increased vulnerability of kids to child abuse. Parents are busy about their customers, job, etc not paying attention to the psychological needs of their kids. Most times little children get abused because of ignorance because their parents either failed to educate them on sensitive information about sex advances which they learned after they've been abused or they paid deaf ears to their children's complain about when sex/ sex abuse advances when there were made.

Parents sharing the same bedroom with their children.
This should never be overlooked because kids learn things faster especially the bad ones. When kids are allowed to share the same bedroom with their parents chances are that these kids will watch every behaviour taken by their parents and will practice them in their absence and any moment they have the chance.

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If you have other causes of premarital sex not mentioned here, or you wish to throw more light on the ones mentioned here, feel free to share with us, we'll be glad you did.

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