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Download 5 Top Medical Biochemistry Textbooks pdf free

1. Medical Biochemistry

Author(s): Antonio Blanco and Gustavo Blanco (Auth.)
Publisher: Academic Press , Year: 2017
ISBN: 9780128035870,9780128035504

Medical Biochemistry is supported by over forty years of teaching experience, providing coverage of basic biochemical concepts, including the structure and physical and chemical properties of hydrocarbons, lipids, proteins, and nucleotides in a straightforward and easy to comprehend language. The book develops these concepts into the more complex aspects of biochemistry using a systems approach, dedicating chapters to the integral study of biological phenomena, including particular aspects of metabolism in some organs and tissues, and the biochemical bases of endocrinology, immunity, vitamins, hemostasis, and apoptosis.

2. Principles of Medical Biochemistry

Author(s): Gerhard Meisenberg, William H. Simmons
Publisher: Elsevier, Year: 2016
ISBN: 0323296165, 9780323296168

For nearly 30 years, Principles of Medical Biochemistry has integrated medical biochemistry with molecular genetics, cell biology, and genetics to provide complete yet concise coverage that links biochemistry with clinical medicine. The 4th Edition of this award-winning text by Drs. Gerhard Meisenberg and William H. Simmons has been fully updated with new clinical examples, expanded coverage of recent changes in the field, and many new case studies online. A highly visual format helps readers retain complex information, and USMLE-style questions (in print and online) assist with exam preparation.

Key Features:

- Just the right amount of detail on biochemistry, cell biology, and genetics – in one easy-to-digest textbook.
- Full-color illustrations and tables throughout help students master challenging concepts more easily.
- Online case studies serve as a self-assessment and review tool before exams.
- Online access includes nearly 150 USMLE-style questions in addition to the questions that are in the book.
- Glossary of technical terms, both in print and online.

3. Harpers Illustrated Biochemistry

Author(s): Victor Rodwell, David Bender, Kathleen M. Botham, Peter J. Kennelly, P. Anthony Weil
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Medical, Year: 2015
ISBN: 0071825347,9780071825344
Gain a thorough understanding of the principles of biochemistry as they relate to the study of clinical medicine

  • Full-color presentation includes more than 600 illustrations
  • Each chapter includes a section on Biomedical Importance and a summary of the topics covered
  • Review questions follow each of the eleven sections
  • Case studies in every chapter emphasize the clinical relevance to biochemistry
  • NEW coverage of toxic naturally-occurring amino acids; extraterrestrial biomolecules; computer-aided drug design; the role of complement cascade in bacterial and viral infection; secreted mediators of cell-cell signaling between leukocytes; the role of mast cells, basophils, and eosinophils; and the hazard of antioxidants that down-regulate radical signaling for apoptosis and increase risk of cancer

The Thirtieth Edition of Harper’s Illustrated Biochemistry combines outstanding full-color illustrations with authoritative integrated coverage of biochemical disease and clinical information. Using brevity and numerous medically relevant examples, Harper's presents a clear, succinct review of the fundamentals of biochemistry that every student must understand in order to succeed in medical school.
All fifty-eight chapters emphasize the medical relevance of biochemistry
Applauded by medical students for its current and engaging style, Harper's Illustrated Biochemistry is an essential for USMLE review and the single best reference for learning the clinical relevance of any biochemistry topic.

4. Biochemistry for Medical Professionals

Author(s): Komoda, Tsugikazu; Matsunaga, Toshiyuki
Publisher: Elsevier Ltd, Academic Press, Year: 2015
ISBN: 0128019182,978-0-12-801918-4,9780128020111,0128020113

Biochemistry for Medical Professionals contains pivotal advances in the biochemistry field and provides a resource for professionals across medicine, dentistry, pharmaceutical sciences and health professions who need a concise, topical biochemistry reference.
Relevant, well-illustrated coverage begins with the composition of the human body and then goes into the technical detail of the metabolism of the human body and biochemistry of internal organs before featuring a biotechnology study inclusive of numerous methods and applications.
The work is written at a consistently high level, with technical notes added to aid comprehension for complex topics.

  • Illustrates disease involvement in metabolic maps
  • Contains coverage of cutting-edge technology, including iPS, HPLC and HPLC-MS, and FACS method
  • Provides in-depth technical detail as well as conceptual frameworks of biochemistry and experimental design in the context of the human organism
  • Includes a biotechnology study, featuring application of basic biochemistry principles

          5. Essentials of Medical Biochemistry, Second Edition: With Clinical Cases

          Author(s): N. V. Bhagavan, Chung-Eun Ha
          Publisher: Academic Press, Year: 2015
          ISBN: 0124166873,9780124166875


          Essentials of Medical Biochemistry, Second Edition:With Clinical Cases is the most condensed, yet detailed biochemistry overview available on the topic. It presents contemporary coverage of the fundamentals of biochemistry, emphasizing relevant physiologic and pathophysiologic biochemical concepts.
          Pivotal clinical case studies aid in understanding basic science in the context of diagnosis and treatment of human diseases, and the text illuminates key topics in molecular immunology and hemostasis.
          Users will find basic and fundamental concepts that will aid students and professionals in biochemistry, medicine, and other healthcare disciplines. the text is a useful refresher that will help users meet USMLE and other professional licensing examination requirements, providing thorough introductions, key points, multicolored illustrations of chemical structures and figures, fact-filled tables, and recommended reading lists.
          • Presents essential biochemical concepts within the context of their biological functions
          • Contains key clinical case studies in each chapter to enhance understanding of basic science and aid in further comprehension
          • Offers instructional overview figures, flowcharts, tables and multicolored illustrations
          • Includes integrated, recommended reading reference lists within the text
          • Provides an online ancillary package inclusive of PowerPoint images and more than 500 study questions to aid in comprehension and USMLE exam preparation

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