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Amazing things you can do with GBWhatsapp

When I first knew GBWhatsapp I felt like not using it. It took me up to a month to use it but when I started using it till now it's been amazing. There are so many wonderful features you find in GBWhatsapp app  that you don't find in the regular Whatsapp app. GBwhatsapp is only an app that enables you  to have access to your Whatsapp account. It is not different from your Whatsapp app but has customized features that will ease alot of stress. Another interesting thing is you can run the two apps at the same time.

In Case you are wondering how GBwhatsapp looks like,  below I will highlight a few key customized functions in GBWhatsapp that will spur you up to download after reading this piece.

Online Presence: This app notifies you whenever anybody in your contact list is present. It shows a pop up at top of your phone. It also notifies you immediately any contact changes profile pictures, and also notifies you when anyone has views your status.

Mute all Group Notification: A lot of times we get fed up with too many notifications especially from group chat. GBWhatsapp enables you to mute all notification from all groups at once.

Hide Chats: When it comes to privacy, most times after our main password has been entered, other apps remain vunerable to anybody holding it. With this feature, you can select a number of chats and hide them and only open them when you are ready to view them. Their notification  will not disturb you neither will you be able to see the content of the message without drawing the pattern or entering the password.

Lock Your Whatsapp:  In addition to the hide chat feature password/ draw pattern, GBwhatsapp has a lock for itself. You do this by first entering a password or drawing a pattern. After the password or pattern has been registered, you will be required to enter the password or draw the exact pattern to access your whatsapp. With this feature people cannot invade into your chats.

Upload Up 50MB Video and 100MB Audio: The regular Whatsapp only allows you to upload only 16 Mb video but With GBWhatsapp you can upload up to 50MB video and 100MB audio

Schedule Message: This is one of the amazing feature in GBWhatsapp. You can Schedule your message to deliver at a particular date and time. That means you don't need to keep night vigil just to wait for a particular time to send your message. All you need to do is to schedule a post and go to bed or do other things provided your data is turned on it will be delivered at the appropriate time.

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