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4 Shocking but highly effective Kitchen tips

Today we are going to look at how to recover your food to normal. I read this recipe somewhere and i decided to test it during the Christmas break. You know during festive period there is always enough to eat. Too much food on the table till most foods get sour, salty or burnt, etc.

I decided to use this wonderful opportunity to test these recipes. Wow! I was damn amazed by the result.

Let's get to business. How did I do it?

1. If your soup is stale, get few chunks of charcoal like two pieces. Wash them out and drop them into the soup. Cover the pot and check back in the next 30minutes - 1hour. You'll surely be amazed by the result. Remove the charcoal. Heat your food as usual. Your food is back to it's normal taste. I tested this with egusi soup ( melon soup) and cooks know fairly well that there's no turning back when it comes to egusi soup. But with this recipe my stale soup came back to normal.

2. Let's look at the next one
Oversalted food.
This will blow your mind. If you oversalted your meal. You don't need to worry simply rub palm oil inside and around the pot and heat for some minutes. You will be totally surprised that your food will lose all the salt in it. That means you have to add another salt again to your taste.

3. Next one
How about burnt smells in food like rice, beans etc.
I know nobody will like his or her food to smell burnt but this sometimes is inevitable. If your food is burnt, it can affect the normal aroma of the food. People will eventually know you burnt your food. Drop the pot quickly get slices of bread and place on top for just 5 - 10 minutes. Every burnt smell will disappear.

4. How about too much oil in meals like soups and sauce?
Simply drop  ice in the soup or sauce. In less than no time the oil will come to one side due to the attraction caused by the ice. Simply scoop it Out. Also, putting your meals in a fridge can help you remove excess oils in soups because they'll freeze to the top. Then you can gently scoop the oil out.

If you have other tips kindly share.

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