Effective strategies on time management

Write Things Down: I know a lot of folks will tell you they have good memory but, the importance of writing things down cannot be over emphasized. They are many things we tend to forget at the dying moment. Therefore, it is pertinent to put everything that you want to do in a jotter. Firstly, write out all the things that you must do then, separate the most important ones from the least important ones in your list. Also, make sure the ones that are highly inevitable are placed at the forefront.

Give time for each activity: Just like the saying goes” there’s time for everything” alot time for each activity according to their scale of importance. Now this requires discipline from your part not just attaching time. You must be ready to follow your standards strictly. Figure out what you’ll need to get done each week, set up your daily time for reading, devotion, sports, exercise, sleep and Food.

Put all your things in one place: Many times we tend to gather our things when we are against the clock. This can cause anxiety, confusion and forgetfulness. I personally prefer getting all my things in one place a night before the day I am going to use them. As a student for example, all the lecture notebooks, pen, course materials etc that you need   the next day should be in your bag a night before the lecture day.

Get up early: “The early morning bird catches the worm”, “Punctuality is the sole of business”. Avoid lateness to lecture, events, etc. It will destabilize you, delay your time and you may end up not achieving much. Make sure you get up early. This is a very salient time management strategy. For you to get up early, you must learn to go to bed on time.

Avoid Over Commitment: This happens to most students. They want to round all activities.  Not everything in your list should be followed. The days they’re not needed, never visit them. When you carry too many workload, chances are you’ll always remain stressed up which may block access to your real work.

Have a time piece: No matter how accurate you are without a time piece, they’re some days that are very deceiving. Do make sure you have a working time piece so that you will know how far and how long you’ve spent and how much time is left.

Say No: You’ve got to learn to say no to the things you did not bargain for. Skip out unnecessary conversations, visits that will lead you to know where.

Learn to combine activities: They’re some activities that can be combined with other activities like listening to a radio programme while washing your clothes. In the example given, you don’t need to create a special time for that.

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