6 Reasons Why you’re often feeling hurt

I’ve often wondered why people often get hurt easily sometimes for reasonable things and sometimes for things not reasonable until I began to research and experience them myself. Today, I’m going to share with you why you often get hurt easily by people.

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  • Denial of sense of belonging: I’ve often seen people get hurt badly when they are denied a sense of belonging which may include opportunities, love, care, support and concern. For example, a child may feel hurt if his/her parents refuse him or her the opportunity of accessing their properties. Also, they may feel terribly hurt when their parents or whoever is concern don’t pay attention to their financial needs but pay attention to others who they feel are not worthy of such attention.

  • Over-Expectation:I’ve seen people quote this very often but still trapped in it. If you want to avoid pain, hurt and depression, don’t expect too much from people. Sincerely speaking when it comes to our love ones whom we hold dear to our hearts, we tend to forget and expect too much from them. In the end, we are left with sadness, depression, and pain. Once in a while we get caught up in this. So look at your life and start reducing all unrealistic expectations you’ve built for people.
  • Important People: The term important used here is relative to the individual concern. What may be important to you may not be important to me.  When people such as friends, loved ones, family members that we hold of high esteem hurt us, we tend to feel pain.They’re people that hurt us far higher than our love ones but we tend to forget about them because after all they’re not in our VIP list, so they can do anything they feel like and go away without us feeling so much hurt. Just like the adage says “The arrow from a friend is worse than an enemy”.
  • Nature: Well, you’ll agree with me  that they’re people that have high temper tantrum. This is their genetic makeup i.e. they inherit this behavior from their parents. Their adrenaline seems to be activated more than normal. Anything can hurt them, anybody can hurt them, they can even kill when it comes on them only to realize how foolish they were after the  execution of their anger. This can only be taken off by prayers. You need God to take that nature away from you. 
  • Jealousy: People that are jealous are often envious and sometimes feel terribly bad when their opponent progresses rather than them. They feel they should be the ones in such positions. Again some people too can feel jealous any time people go around the people they love. This jealousy goes with pain, anger, strive, cursing etc.
  • Criticism: I’ve never seen anybody who hates appreciation and praises. People are likely to like you when you appreciate them rather than criticize them. A number of persons hate criticism and will go extra miles to get rid of any critic. Very few people receive criticism with little or no hurt. Though criticism is naturally hurtful but, it still depends on the way your brain processes the data. You can still utilize this for growth and development.
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If you know more than the list I’ve provided, kindly leave a comment below this post for us to learn more.

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