What you need to do as a fresher to come out in flying colours

It is a common norm for freshers to come with so much enthusiasm to bag first-class or second-class honours in the University. Soon you discover you’re battling to maintain a third class.

The first year in the University is like the foundation of a building. So make sure your foundation is firm and solid. Below I’m going to share with you tips to keep you at the top from your first year to your final level in the higher institution of learning.

1. Resume Early
It is not a bad idea to resume on time. If you have the financial ability, I’ll advise you to resume before the actual resumption date. During this period, you’ll be in relax mode to register for all your courses, get yourself acquainted with the lecture venues, meet with previous students. By the time the large crowd comes, you’re already hitting the books without much distraction.

2. Photocopy lecture materials from your predecessors
Studying before time is one of the best ways to learn with ease. In the middle of the semester, you will not have the time to read all the materials. So, it is advisable to collect materials and photocopy them immediately you resume. Before going for the first semester holiday, photocopy materials for the second semester and read throughout the holiday. This is not only for freshers, but it’s also for students of all levels.

3. Form a study group
There are things you might not comprehend while the lecturer was teaching. All courses can be covered by this group if seriousness is attached. Within each course, each person should choose a topic he or she can handle from the course outline. The group can meet at least twice a week. Each person will come out and lecture on the topic he or she has chosen. This method will speed up the process of covering the course outline.

4. Download tutorial videos from youtube
The Internet is a ready-made tool to learn whatsoever you want. Go to www.YouTube.com and search for any topic of your choice. This also can help you a million times than your school lecturers.

5. Be punctual
Always be punctual. When lecturers discover students no longer pay attention to lectures, they begin to look out for ways to punish those students by giving impromptu tests, assignments, etc. Most 100 level venues are always packed full. Save yourself the stress of standing by going to school early. Coming on time will help you stay in front. There are so many distractions at the back. Please note that not everybody came to learn. Some just came to distract others.

6. Keep good company
The Bible says “iron sharpens iron”. Surround yourself with people that have the same goal as you. Don’t mingle with people who see studying as taboo. Stay far from them, they’re contagious. They’ll want to lure you to rather move from one party to another.

7. Study
Make it a habit to study for at least three hours every day. Don’t wait till it’s exam time before you start reading as if you want to kill yourself. Look out for what works for you. Everybody has a particular time their brain absorbs information most. Make use of that time, do not use this time for anything else.

7. Learn how to calculate your GP
A lot of students don’t know how to calculate their GP and CGPA until there are told after graduation. Please learn how to calculate your GP and CGPA. It will help you to know whether you’re making progress or not.

8. Always pray
The bible says ” draw near to God, he will draw near to you”. Study the Word and pray daily for your future and studies.

The information given above is not only for first-year students but for students at all other levels.

Good luck!

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