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Simple strategies to raise your kids from backward academic performance to genius

Every good parent wants their kid to excel above average. They want the best to come out of their children. Unfortunately, the majority of these kids do not come out to be so. This leaves parents depressed and worried. If you find yourself in this position, I guarantee you've hit the right spot for a solution by the grace of God. Herein you are provided with powerful strategies to raise your children from mediocrity to uniqueness.
Let's go

1.  Discipline
 This discipline starts with self-discipline. You must be able to discipline yourself to the level of inconveniences for you to achieve your goals. For the sake of making your children great, you've got to shed out some habits so that your kids can be given full attention, maximum support, a distraction-free environment and a host of others. Then step down your discipline to your kids. Stick to your guns, don't let them play you out.

2.Make a Timetable
 Let your kids be aware that they are not in control of their time but the timetable. Draw out a timetable for every activity for each day with enough time for study. There should also be a time for play and a time for rest.

3. Reduce their time on Television/ Movies 
A lot of kids love movies /television even parents do too. Parents need great discipline on their part and children. Schedule little time for movies and this should be done during leisure hour. Make sure you don't see movies or television at the background while your children study because this can be a major distraction to them. limit TV programmes to the ones that will develop them. If they must see a movie or television then let them meet the target for the day.

4.  Get a private tutor
Most times school teachers do not put in their best either because of too much workload or meager salary. Moreover, some children do catch faster when they are isolated and paid close attention. However, make sure you get a tutor. If your child loves learning with others, you can talk to his friends' parents about the private lesson and see if they will get their children enrolled too.

5. Give them positive feedbacks
 Always give your kids positive feedbacks even though they haven't reached the ultimate goal. Catch them when they are good. Buy gifts for them when they improve. At the beginning of the term promise them something you can afford. Tell them if they perform better you'll keep to your promise and make sure you make good your promise. Your kids always have requests they bug you with. Turn this request into a promise. For example, " junior if you perform better this time, I'll buy that beautiful toy you've been wanting me to buy for you". Make sure you keep to your word. A lot of parents promise a lot and don't fulfill their promise which is very bad. You're making your kids lose confidence and trust in you. Don't think you can go away with it. 

6. Eat well, sleep well, exercise
 The importance of these three arms cannot be overemphasized. A poor diet can slow down their rate of assimilation.  Make sure your kids are properly fed with a balanced diet. Proper sleep will help your kids internalise what they've learnt throughout the day. During sleep, data in the short-term memory are transferred to the long-term memory. Eight hours is highly recommended for growing kids.
Exercise is a vital tool for the overall well-being of any individual. Exercise will make your kids smarter, healthier, and stronger. 

7. Motivational books/ Videos
Buy books that will inspire and motivate your kids to work harder. Buy educational videos for them. I must confess that whatever I am today was learned largely from videos on the internet. If you cannot get a tutor, download tutorial videos from youtube and you'll never regret it.

8. Pray with your kids.

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