Reasons why you should stop messaging people HBD as birthday wishes

A lot of times people just send happy birthday vague like that. Social media has reduced it to “HBD”. I don’t think this is appropriate.  In my opinion, this is the right time to tell the person you’re sending a birthday wish how much they mean to you. 

Everybody no matter how bad they are still has beautiful and wonderful qualities that you can tell about. A lot of folks prefer keeping this part until their love ones, friends, family member dies then they eulogize the dead. For me, this eulogy is for showmanship. Just to show that you paid respect to the dead. But, imagine the feeling of being loved, being shown kindness. The most important thing about birthday wishes is the receiver is as aware and conscious of this unlike the eulogy for a dead man who is in another realm. All the long paragraphs condolence messages are like reading out history. He/she neither hear nor feel. So, use their birthday as an opportunity to tell them their good qualities.

Nobody wants to be told bad things, especially on this special day. So take your time to write the best wishes you could ever imagine. 

So many times, I see people repeat the same words like ” happy birthday to Jones.  I wish you long life and prosperity “. In my opinion, this is too common. If you send this to me I’ll receive it and thank you for it. But, I think it would be more appropriate to go beyond this especially people you know. Put your words together, let it be something outstanding, let it be something refreshing, maybe adding to the conventional words like ” blissful long life” or you ” you’ll live longer than Methuselah” something of that sort. Like me, I hardly would use happy birthday. I prefer using “Happy natal day”.  Take your time to write something worth sending. It’s quite unfortunate that social media slang is taking over heartfelt write-ups. Don’t be a victim.

I just felt it’s high time we stopped this anomaly. 

Do have a nice day!!!

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