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How to send sleep off and study effectively at night

As humans, we all have different ways our bodies operate. It is very pertinent to find out how your body works to obtain maximum results whenever you put it to work. The number one step in answering any question is understanding the question. To hit the nail on the head, today we are going to look at how to study at night. It turns out that burning the midnight oil is the best option for some students due to calmness at night. Yes, their bodies tend to agree with night study but they lack necessary the skills to keep up the habit of studying every night. Frankly, there are a few salient habits that block you from maximising your full study potentials. Below are just a handful of habits that you must imbibe or restructure to effectively make studying at night effective, rewarding, and habitual.

1. Sleep in the day
It is very possible that if you don't sleep in the daytime, you may hardly wake up at night to study. You take this as a joke, but it's a rule that you must obey. The first night may be normal for you but, you'll find it difficult to wake up another night to read. It is therefore important that you sleep at least one hour during the daytime to avail yourself of the opportunity of hitting the books at night.

At the end of your reading, make sure you get a sufficient amount of sleep both at night and daytime. Sleep helps your system internalise what you've read thereby shifting stored data from short-term memory to long-term memory.

Failure to replenish sleep debt can lead to forgetfulness, confusion, lack of coordination and coherence.

Do not rely on coffee, it will surely disappoint you when you need help.

2. Do not take heavy dinner
I know it's tempting sometimes to pig out especially on finger-licking dishes. But for the sake of your ultimate goal, do make sure to take light supper. Eating heavy food can trigger the hormone for sleep. Once this hormone is activated you either may not be able to get up from bed or you'll certainly be battling with sleep while trying to read and of course, you know this type of reading is like pouring water in a basket.

It is also advisable to eat very early perhaps 6 pm will not be too bad. This is to enable the body to digest the food you've eaten even before hitting the sack.

3. Set a very disturbing alarm
Whenever you set an alarm, do not set an alarm that will fan you to sleep. Such alarm is bad for your study health. Your alarm should be such that it can cut off your sleep when it starts ringing. If you make this a habit, in three weeks you'll not need the alarm clock. Your internal, biological clock will be readjusted to wake at the same time every day.

It is also advisable to keep your alarm a little distance from your bed. The logic behind this is, it will make you get up from bed and will reduce the chances of you turning your alarm off.

4. Do not read immediately you wake
Immediately you wake, do not go straight to your books. Chances are that you might fall back into a deep sleep. Find something to do for 10minutes like brushing your teeth. By the time you're through, sleep must have been reduced greatly.

5. Last but not least, Pray for retentive memory and understanding.
Goodbye for now!

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