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How to know who has the highest Facebook likes using percentage
A lot of people get worried over likes on Facebook. This makes them to envy those with more likes. But to me this not a problem. I just wanna give you a simple percentage method of scoring them. At least 10% of your friends should like your photo. So, we are going to place 10% as average like.  Let's go.

Mr. A has 150 likes, his total friends are 2000.
Mr. B has 60 likes, his total friends are 500

Let's calculate and see who has the highest percentage score.

Mr. A  150/2000 x 100=  7.5%
Mr. B 60/500 x 100=  12%

From the above, we see that Mr. B has more like percentage score than A.

A lot of times especially the female folks get worried over likes. Before you envy your friend, check the number of friends he or she has and work out the percentage. Compare this value with yours. Don't get high blood pressure over likes on Facebook.

Although, they're people that won't like your stuff whether it makes sense or not. That shouldn't bother you. Move ahead with life.

Secondly, you don't like people photos how will others like yours. Likes sometimes isn't because of content, sometimes it's just to pay back. You won't die, if you click the like button on what fascinates you. As for me, whoever post anything, if it interest me, I'll hit the like button expecting no like in returns.

Likes also depend on the kind of friends you have. If you're valuable to your friends, you'll often get likes.  Likes also depends on the level of impact you've made. That's why a celebrity can never beg for like. It pours like rain.

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