How to command respect from people

 A lot of times people want other people to give them respect but they fail to obey just very few laws.  Below are a few tips to help you gain respect in your family, workplace, school etc.

1. Respect yourself
 A lot of times we demand respect from people without respecting ourselves. Everybody has boundaries and these boundaries are meant to be kept. When you cross these boundaries chances are that you will be insulted or humilated. First check if crossing these boudaries worths  the insults before making an attempt. for example, you paid your friend a visit for the first time. You immediately go to his or her kitchen, open the pot and dish food for yourself without authorisation. Even though you were authorised, the fact being that you visited  his  or her  home  the first time should give you enough sense to control yourself to be served. Now, I’m using this as an example. Some people may tolerate it but, others may not. whatsoever you receive is as a result of you not respecting yourself.

2. Covetousness
This is one of the main killers of respect. Everything your neighbour has you want to collect. you’re not contented with what you have. Every minute and hour you pester your neighbour with your demands and request. How do you want such person to respect you? Only true loyal friends can do such without complaining which is  very rare.  The more you do such things, the more you lose your respect. Be contented with what you have.

3. Be Responsible
When you know your routine work or chores, make sure you do them at the appropriate time before you are told. Dont wait for your boss, parents, instructor or master to tell you or  instruct you on your normal routine work. If they are telling you are anything, it should be additional instruction not the routine one. By doing so, you avoid unneccesary quarrels, questionings and disrespect. Your boss or whoever will not have  the opportunity of finding you wanting let alone disrespecting you.

4. Treat others the way you want them to treat you
This is life’s thumb rule. Make sure you treat people the way you want them to treat you whether you are right or wrong. Often times, people forget how they treated others when they are given the same treatment. If you want people to greet you, form the habit of greeting people, If you want people to humble themselves, first humble yourself, if you want people to approach you with good manners then, you develop a good manner of approach.

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