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How to Calculate your GPA and CGPA

It is quite funny that a lot of students even to their final level do not know how to calculate their grade point average. Well, the importance of knowing your grade point average in the higher institution of learning cannot be overemphasised as this serves as a check to examine whether you're making progress or not.
Some who know still make a lot of mistakes in the calculation of cumulative grade point average. So, today I'm going to teach you how to calculate grade point average and cumulative grade point average. Relax and learn.

let's go

1.  You need to know the number of hours aloted to each course per week.
This is called credit hour or credit unit.

2. Every A is a 5 point, B is a 4 point, C is a 3 point, D is a 2 point,  E is 1 point, F is zero.

3.  Multiply  each grade point by the number of credit hour and sum it

4.  Add all the credit units together

5. Divide the total in (3) above by( 4)
6. That is your GPA

7. Add the total of (4) above for all the  semesters you have the results

8.  Add the total credit units for all the semesters you have the results

9. Divide the no. 7 above by no. 8
10. That is your CGPA

NB:  In calculating your CGPA do not add your GPA together and then divide. Its going to give you a number that is far above reality.

If your GP/ CGPA falls within the range of 4.5 - 5.0, it's a first class
If your GP/ CGPA falls within the range of  3.5 - 3.49, it's a second class upper division
If your GP/ CGPA falls within the range of  2.5 - 3.49, it's a second class lower division
The remaining is third class and pass. That is not your portion in Jesus name. Amen.

If you still have a problem with this, please leave a comment below
Good luck!

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